A Stable Sound: World Music Carnaval 3 2 19 | Cut Chemist w. Mike Styles


A trip around the world courtesy of Cut Chemist and Mike Styles. The Hiatus is over!

Seun Kuti Live @ Dublab | Beats of All-Nations Radio 037


Grammy Award nominated, Seun Kuti joins us for a very special episode of Beats of All-Nations Radio recorded live at Dublab, in Los Angeles. We discuss what the Grammy nomination means for Seun and his band, the Egypt 80 who hadn't been nominated before, though they recorded nearly 50 albums with his father Fela Kuti.

Music historian and LA legend, Danny Holloway returns to the show, dropping several test press from his Ximeno Record Club and joins the conversation. Subira & Ericalandia also contribute with fresh sounds from the new afro-diaspora. Porchlite is in the house on photos and Mike Styles is your host. Special thanks to Bruce Dickson, Dublab and the Beats of All-Nations fam for making it happen.

Artwork: Blindherd
Photos: Porchlite
Hosted by Mike Styles

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[stream] Potatohead People - Quest for Love (Sev Seveer Remix) + Child's Play (Cabrini-lckes)

[Audio/Visual] YANGA | Beats of All-Nations Radio 32

One of Southern Cal's most requested Afro-Latin tropical fronts, YANGA, joins us in-studio for a one of a kind live session! We then sit with the group to discuss their history, future releases with New York based label NAMES YOU CAN TRUST and impressive list of side projects with other musicians, like Chico Mann, Buyepongo, Quita Penas, El Michels Affair & Brainstory. Get ready to get #MasTropical!
Mas Musica: https://bit.ly/2fJ1mjR

Studio Engineer: DJ Gabe Real
Producer: Mike Styles
Photos/Video: Porchlite

Full Audio Version with Interview:
Apple Podcast: https://apple.co/1QoOoC1
Mixcloud: https://bit.ly/2VJEHnI
Soundcloud: https://bit.ly/2TskyWo


[Audio/Visual] Lealani's Fantastic Planet | Beats of All-Nations Radio 036

Lealani, is a producer, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and all around creator of style in the electronic music genre. Locally known for her radio show on KSPC 88.7 FM Claremont, she's about to go beyond the cosmos with her debut album, Fantastic Planet, on Dome of Doom Records. She touches down close to home at the Pomona studio to play a live set, enjoy.

Fantastic Planet is Available Now on All Platforms: https://domeofdoom.lnk.to/fantasticpl...

Listen to full audio episode with interview:
Apple Podcasts: https://apple.co/1QoOoC1
Mixcloud: https://bit.ly/2MjK61h

Engineer/Host: DJ Gabe Real
Producer/Host: Mike Styles
Photographer & Video: Porchlite
Cover Art: Blind Herd


Sev Seveer - Shelfie Baps II [vinyl pre-order]

shelfie baps ii cover.jpg

Sev Seveer is a hardware beat maker from Chicago. He is a resident of Chicago-based Push Beats collective and has been featured at SXSWBeat Cinema, the Toledo Museum of Contemporary ArtExploded Drawing, and by the Chicago Tribune.

While he is generally known for his academic approach to thoughtful, experimental projects, Shelfie Baps IIis a hard hitting compilation made mostly of battle beats and shelved instrumentals for rap projects. The Shelfie Baps series consists of unreleased and rarely heard instrumentals made over longer spans of time.

Shelfie Baps II is Sev Seveer’s second 12″ LP and his third official release, all available on Beats of All-Nations. With launch of this pre-order supporters will receive “Daily Bread (w/ Booda Blaou & Waterr)”, the first single “Fah,” accompanied by a music video composed entirely in Snapchat and the first installment of the self-released, Shelfie Baps (2016). PRE-ORDER VINYL!

shelfie baps ii back.jpg

Vinyl is in production now and limited to 300.

Vinyl Ships March 2019

Executive Producer: Beats of All-Nations
Produced by: Sev Seveer
Mastering: Tenacity
Photography: Mike Bump
Album Design: RTST
Video Editing on “Fah”: @Soundinsect

Re:Fresh Pomona NYE Special | Beats of All-Nations Radio 035

image_6483441 (1).JPG

Re:Fresh Pomona, celebrating 10 years, comes together for our annual year end party podcast with DJs Gabe Real, JB, Mike Styles and Subira, in that order.

We give a sneak peak into our new release, Sev Seveer’s “Shelfie Baps II” available for pre-order on limited vinyl (300 qty) at http://www.beatsofallnations.bandcamp.com Many thanks to all of our past guests and contributors of artwork, photography and most of all our listeners.

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Cover Art: Blindherd