Live From Coachella: More Fire Mondays, DJ Gabe Real & Mike Styles | Beats of All-Nations Radio 039


Coachella 2019 was loaded with friends and family and we were able to represent in a real way.

We begin with a reunion from More Fire Mondays, who opened the Coachella Stage on Saturday Weekend 2. Represented by Juice Won, DJ Gabe Real and Steve of Distant Drum, More Fire Mondays was a legendary Monday night get down that reigned supreme in the IE for nearly 15 years with two areas of music featuring an unmatched reggae rooftop.

We go back to Saturday Weekend 1 with an eclectic as always set by DJ Gabe Real, who played his 10th straight set at the festival from the Coachella Stage. Mike Styles takes us out with one of two sets played Weekend 1 at The Turndown tent. The Turndown is a tent that turns up in a real chill way following the festival headliners hosted by Beat Cinema VJ Major Gape and his team featuring a nice selection of DJs and Producers providing sounds for folks on the come down.

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Photo: Mike Styles
Design: BlindHerd